Womanhood: The Cut & Recovery focuses on how survivors of FGM recover from their physical trauma, the factors driving the practice and what needs to be done to stop it.

In this documentary you will hear the first hand experience of an FGM survivor as she recounts what made her question the practice and become an activist.

Find out about the kind of support offered to FGM sufferers with severe trauma as well as understand the ways in which FGM needs to be tackled.

It’s more than just a cut.

The documentary will feature: 

Emma Lightowlers - Communications manager from 28 Too Many, a FGM research organisation.

Sadia Hussein - A FGM survivor and activist in Kenya

Juliet Albert - A midwife who also runs a specialist clinic for FGM survivors.

'Womanhood: The Cut & Recovery' is tailored for a VICE audience.

WARNING: Contains graphic descriptions and content that some listeners might find disturbing.